Thursday, May 21, 2009


OMG! I am about to become a published poet! On my son's birthday, no less, I got a message from Silver Boomer Books about a poem, "Child of Summer," that I submitted ages and ages ago. They want to include it in their upcoming anthology. I am going to link their blog to this blogsite as soon as I figure out how. I can include the URL, and that's what I will do now...

I got a REAL contract and even though I am but one piece in the book, this is a real "MOMENT" for me. I am thrilled!

A "lesson" is forming itself in my brain even as I write this. The biggest expenditure of my creative energy goes into writing fiction and/or non-fiction for kids. I belong to GROUPS, I READ, I STUDY, I LEARN how-to's and not how-to's, and I SUBMIT! I get rejections. Now, my poetry? That comes from WITHIN. The lesson is continuing to form itself. Right now, it is misty and wispy. You see, I DO need to know the industry, in terms of writing prose. Really. But I am trying so hard to do it RIGHT. Am I leaving myself out of the formula in the process? I need to really chew on this one!

In the meantime, I have to say that I feel so happy today. Linda, the Poet! OMG.

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phawkenson said...

"Ta-Da!" should be in ALL CAPS: "TA_DA!" it is THAT EXCITING! Way to go! I have been enjoying your work in PA. Keep writing. CONGRATS!