Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Time really does seem to be speeding "up." Since time apparently does not exist, I find it difficult to put that together. So, what is, in fact, speeding up? Something is!

I have had little time for writing. However, I have gotten some more done on my ya sci-fi ms. It's coming along. I sent in a poem to Horticulture Magazine. That's a wait and see, as all submissions are. I will be attending a bootcamp in Shapleigh, Maine in November, where my cb ms will be critiqued (for a fee). Actually, I am sending it to the presenter ahead of time for her critiquing. It should be an interesting day. I am nervous about finding not only the place where the workshop is being held, but Shapleigh itself! That's about "it" for my writing of late.

Our small dwelling has swelled with energy and activity. My daughter's husband in now in Iraq. My daughter, granddaughter, three small dogs and one cat (one got runover, which was traumatic for all of us) are all here "with bells on!" I will adjust. I haven't yet, completely, but I am getting there. I'm not so sure about my poor husband, who is overwhelmed by it all. Once we are in a routine, with household jobs better delegated, things will smooth out. Yes, they will. Seriously. They will! Please!!!!

I really want to get my ya ms completed. I am having such fun with it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September? No Way!

Since this format is writing only, one cannot see my red face. What has happened to me?! I honestly feel as though I am in the presence of the as yet to be fully imagined gravitational pull of a black hole! All things are zinging by me in a blur and try as I might, I can't seem to grasp anything on my way in to slow the momentum, let alone stop it. Is this what it is like to become elderly? If so, it sucks. If not, then "what the....!"

August? You mean it's gone? I vaguely remember intense heat and humidity to the point of wishing myself away. I guess it worked. During that month, my daughter Cindy, granddaughter, Nadia, three dogs and two cats arrived for a long term "visit." Husband/Daddy deployed to Iraq. It's been a serious adjustment. During that time, daddy left and one kitty, Rajah got run over. It has been a series of traumas for the little Nadia. Mommy has been using her energy to try and keep the Nadia person emotionally upright. Me? I managed to create a poem to submit to Horticulture Magazine. I really liked it. I hope that they do as well. Other than that, I have thought about my ya sci-fi ms and actually read it again and added a bit. I like that one as well, but it has a long way to go. I have a couple of pb ms's that are ready for critiquing. There's a day-long workshop in Shapleigh, ME in November that I have signed up for. It's extra money for critiquing, but I am going to go for it. I just need to find out where the heck Shapleigh is...

Nadia started grade 1 yesterday. She was so very nervous. She met her new teacher, Mrs. DeCarolis, along with her classmates, outside on the veranda of the school in the morning. The teacher then escorted the children to her classroom. Nadia looked so beautiful in her little purple dress that daddy got for her. She also looked terrified. Her grandfather, Peter (she calls him "Gah") took her hand and walked with her. It was beautiful. She had an amazing day and couldn't wait to go back this morning. The people who work at Crescent Park School are angels in human form. I should know. I worked with most of them for many many years as a classroom teacher. They will all look out for this child. Life is good.

I really hope to do more with this blog. It would make a big difference if anyone were to visit it! Let's see what September brings!