Wednesday, December 16, 2009

October, November, December...Oh My!

Zip! Zoom! Bang! Crash! Sob! Sigh! I guess a bit of onomatopoeia pretty much covers my writing life in the past few months. I have gotten some done. Actually, I did a lot of poetry. Poet Robert Brewer runs a poetry marathon twice a year (November and April) and I make every effort to participate. This past month's effort was mostly done on paper. I did post about ten poems on the website, which is a failure in terms of my wishes to do it up. However, I did write to all but two or three of the prompts and have some handwritten still and some typed and saved in word. I did pull several out to put into book form and sent it to him, hopefully following his specs to the tee. So that is an accomplishment for me, when I think of what this past two or three months has had in store for me/us.

My six-year old granddaughter, Nadia, has been making efforts to adjust to a new set of everything. Her dad is in Iraq and Nadia and her mom moved in with my husband and me. Along with them came a plethora of dogs and a cat. My daughter, Cindy, is enrolled in UMA, trying to finish up a degree. There was also a litter of five AKC Registered Maltese pups born to her female and they have all been placed. What an ordeal! In the meantime, she was on her way home on Black Friday, in the rain, having delivered a pup to a client, when a car zoomed across the middle of the road going 55+ MPH and hit her almost head on. Both cars were totalled. Cindy was taken to the hospital and thank God, is now home and ok-ish. Her body took one hell of a beating, but all-in-all, she is alive and well and that's really all that matters. The driver of the other car was taken home by her husband who was driving behind her in another vehicle. That's a long story in itself. However, trying to deal with insurance, rental, and getting another car has consumed all of us.

Now it is nearly Christmas. I am so NOT ready and it's next week. I don't want to talk about it!

In the meantime, I am going to try and get back in the fiction and non-fiction writing groove after the holiday passes us by. I am pretty happy with my poetry efforts. I want to enter a non-fiction contest and I am needing to clear off the dust from two a chapter book for reluctant readers, which I want to make into a series and the other my so very dusty YA SCI-FI MS.

Over and out...