Monday, April 6, 2009

March Marched!

Oh My! March came and went. Lion? Lamb? I couldn't say, really. I got all caught up in a new (to me) healing adventure around the use of sound. I KNOW it's been around for a long, really long time. It would seem that it found me when it was supposed to. Anyway, I spent the better part of the month reading, researching, discussing and trying to learn about some of its facets. I got so excited that I set up a new...yes NEW...blogsite using Word Press. I got it started... I left it. I will return to it. This site took a hit. Nobody reads it anyway...heavy sigh. Then there's my Livejournal site! Good heavens. I guess all of that kind of makes a clear pic of how I operate. I have so many interests, which leads to too many irons in the fires, which ends up with my spinning all kinds of wheels, going nowhere quite quickly!

I am excited to have jumped onto Robert Brewer's Poem a Day Challenge for April. Ah yes, add another iron to my fire. It's day 6, and I have managed to get one in...yes, you (I) read it correctly...ONE!

So, I feel as though I need to try and get caught up somewhat with that. My YA, Sci-Fi MS has gathered dust. I have submitted a few things...gotten a handful of rejections and now need to write some of my favorite ed pubs a reminder that I sent things in. That, of course, could go either scenario is around the fact that my reminder could arrive on a "bad day" and it could further piss them off, so the form rejection letter gets sent to shut me up, or the other scenario might be that it gets to them on a day when positive vibes are floating around like free radicals and they look at my stuff again and love it! Hey, this is my blog. I can succeed if I want to!

So, off to finish washing the stove and getting another load of laundry in. I also need to get a pile of crap out to the compost pile and get my doggy out for a romp before it "rains heavily at times with high winds," as promised. Ah yes, after THAT, I will write. Oh yes, I really need to vack the kitchen floor! THEN I will write. A nap? Maybe. THEN AFTER THAT I will write.

Once upon a time, there was a writer wannabe...she tried and often got in the way, but she just couldn't give it up...then one day, a letter came in the mail from a publisher whom she had sent a manuscript to months ago. Hands shaking, heart pounding, eyes watering, she opened the envelope...