Friday, August 29, 2008

in the beginning...

My writing career began when I learned to read. I fell in love with books from a very early age. In fact, I am relatively certain that this affair with the written word began many lifetimes ago. At any rate, although I remember little about my childhood, I do remember the excited feeling that I would get when we went to the library or had a chance to write stories. The other bit that I am able to recall from my childhood is around visiting my best friend's house and recording stories that I would tell. I always began with "Once upon a time," and the rest would be made up as I would go along. When I was in high school, I was part of a small group of storytellers that would go to the local library and tell stories to small groups of elementary aged children. From there I went to college and was told by my creative writing teacher that I had talent. After I graduated from college I was fortunate to land my first teaching job. From there, life took over. I got married, had two children, and taught school for the next thirty-nine years, earning my masters, national board certification, and the presidential award in excellence in elementary science for my state (Maine) as I zoomed through my life's story. I am presently sixty-one years old and have yet to fulfill my dream to write to publish. I have much to offer and have worked at honing my skills and continue to work. It's an ongoing and never-ending process. Having said all of that, I am anxious to begin. Do wish me luck.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

positive attitude

It's the end of August. I am actually not sad to see summer's end. It's been hot, humid and wet most of the summer and the mosquitoes have run rampant. Perhaps the fall will bring with it the gift of sunny days without biting insects. One can hope.
This is my first entry on Blogger/Blogspot. I have a blog set up on livejournal ( that I have used to capture my thinking and I will keep it alive. I will use this one for writing in general. My livejournal blog is for writing as well, but this one will have a different flavor. I am making a promise to myself to write every day and the positive attitude will come about as I keep my promise to myself.
I hope to meet other writers and in the process, learn from them and hopefully have them learn from me.