Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Blues

Here it is...the end of Cindy's and Nadia's stay. They are moving back to VA on the 15th, when their "new" house will be ready for them. Ryan got back safe and sound, spent a couple of weeks here with us, and then headed back to base and back to work. Peter and I will be driving a U-Haul while Cindy drives our car (Ryan took hers back). Somehow, in the meantime, we will need to pick up the U-Haul, fill it full of boxes (many of which have yet to be packed) and then head out, with six dogs, one cat, a seven year old child and memories. The memories will fill whichever vehicle I end up in. I am guessing that I'll take turns.
Barbra S's song, "Memories" just popped into my head...
"Memories....light the corners of my mind..." I guess I can't write any more without crying.
It has been a really good year. We have all grown tremendously.
Peter will stay for a bit, and then head back. I will stay and see Nadia into her first day or two of Grade 2. Then I will fly a home without my girls and dogs. I will be a mess. At the same time, I need to use that energy to write. Huge emotional shifts make for good writing.

Speaking of writing...I have been a bad, bad writer. Nary a word. I have two YA mss in the works and need to polish a short story and two children's stories. This time, I will treat it like a job. No more "dinking around" and doing the "I'll get to it later" stuff. I need to hunker down and do it to it!!!!!

We'll see.

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