Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Meanderings

The snow is melting! Yayyyy! Yes, it's becoming mud, and there is still a ton of the white (ish) stuff out there, but it really is beginning to feel like spring might be trying to make an appearance. I am so very ready.
What am I doing about my writing, you ask? Actually, quite a bit! I just sent in a cb ms that's science oriented. That one is one that I've been working on for quite some time. I liked it and felt hopeful as I sent it off. Let's see, I have sent out six submissions to "regular" markets and have gotten two rejections. That leaves me a chance, still! I have also sent out seven packets to educational publishers and have gotten one rejection and one "your resume is on file" so that leaves me with with five hopefuls and one "maybe someday." So, I am not tearing my hair out in desperation and despair, but I am also realistic in terms of the market and the economy. In addtion to the above, I am ready to dust off my "Stephanie" science fiction, ya novel and breathe life back into it. I also had a dream recently that left me "knowing" that it was the basis for another ya ms. I am excited about writing, and even though I am "Miss Moneypenniless" (do you remember James Bond and Miss Moneypenny?) I feel blessed to have this time to follow not only this passion, but another, and that's my quest for being an instrument of healing that isn't under the auspices of mainstream western medicine. But that's another blog. Until next time...

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