Thursday, January 22, 2009

yet another post...

I really should dedicate a post to Barak Obama and will at some point, but he is basically "covered," don't you think? I don't think that I could add any new insights. I will say that I am really relieved that he is at the helm now. The entire planet is blanketed with optimism and that is a good thing!

Since I last wrote, I have gotten caught up in several new ventures...adventures! The one downer, and I will get that right out of the way here, is that I got a form letter from an ed pub company with no name (dear author) and no was basically "we got your 'stuff' and don't need it now and if you wrote a resume it's on file..." it blew me out of the water bc it was in response to my blood, sweat and tears! I have been visiting my writer friends at guppy pond and although they were empathic, they all said that this is basically what you get from many of them. Now, I can take rejection (where IS that noose, anyway?) but I can't take lack of respect. I put a professional effort into my work and consider myself a writer...make that Writer. Now, these companies, even if they are overburdened with all sorts of things, can take a few extra minutes and include a name! AND, "if you included a resume..." Holy Cow! Yes! Among other things! Nicely, carefully crafted things. I am proud of my work things! So, anyway, that was the only one that I have heard from.

Now, on to more uplifting thoughts. I sent in a book of poems to Robert Brewer recently. It was the end result of his November PAD (poem a day) Challenge. I felt good about getting something finished. My focus was the elderly and I entitled the book "The Forgotten Ones." So, one down and a ba-zillion left. I have been working on a YA Sci-Fi MS but have gotten stuck. I LOVE my idea and my MC is a sweetie and is in deep "stuff" right now and I have left her there far too long! Poor thing! But I have hit a wall. I will be calling on all available muses soon to get me out of the ditch. I have a PB MS that is in limbo. I finished it a year ago and it's kind of waiting to get born. It's looking for the right mom at the moment. I also have several ideas floating around that I need to put on paper.

I have been complaining about too many websites and not enough time, right? Well, I have found four or five MORE and they just keep coming out of the woodwork! Each of them, dealt with correctly, take a lot of time. Add them all together and the day is basically shot! Now, I need to do something about it, but don't know what, yet. I really do need to put more time into my writing. Never mind the vacuum cleaner! Let the Swiffer wet mop dry up!! Allow the laundry to take over the downstairs!!! Let the litter pans fill to the brim!!!! The dishes can be thrown away and I'll get new ones...never mind washing them!!!!! And exercise? HA!!!!!! If I write as much as I need to, my fingers will be skinny and rest of me...well...never mind. If I didn't need to sleep, I might get caught up...eventually.

So, January is near its end and the days are getting longer...well, you know what I mean...more daylight. That's always a good thing. I love the light!

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